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The Esco Group is based in Bohemia and Moravia of the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe. Originally Dutch company is specialized in oak wooden flooring for interior purpose. The Esco Group consists from ESCO OAK SAWMILL, s.r.o., ESCO CZ PRODUCTION s.r.o. and ESCO PODLAHY s.r.o

The Esco group has an area of 100.000 m2.The sawmill exists from 1906.  It has the experience and tradition to supply the factory Esco CZ Production with the oak material of the highest quality. Thanks to the internally controlled process from a log to final flooring products, the quality, variety, exclusive identity of Dutch Design and delivery times are guaranteed. The sawmill processes 20.000 m3 of oak logs per year and it represents output +- 500.000 m2 of flooring products.

Our direct and indirect clients are luxury wholesale shops, building and construction companies, architects and designers, investors and specialized flooring companies.

Esco offers an exclusive product range, 9 products with which you can create  650 combinations. Our floors are bespoke and made to order – we do not stock standard ranges.Products are available worldwide through a strong network of Esco partners in which long term relationship and friendship are leading.The foundation of the company is our passionate and creative team in synergy with these partners.

As family owned company we really care about our customers and we always search for the added value.


Welcome to the world of Esco!

Regards, Family Kuijpers

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Esco Group continues on 100 years tradition of The Sawmill in Velká nad Velickou.

The Esco Oak Sawmill in Velká nad Velickou, situated in the Czech Republic, part of the White Carpatians, has a long tradition in the wood industry. Original steam sawmill was founded by brothers Thonet in 1906. The company Thonet started in 1861 and it was the first producer, which began to produce so-called „sets“ in the serial production. They discovered and started to use innovative proces of the wood bending too.

In 1920 the Swedisch family Magnis took over the sawmill. Earl Ferdinand Magnis ( 1905-1996 ) owned the whole Strážnice manor.  50  workers were processing about 4000 m3/year of the timber from Magnis forests.  There were placed 2  hacksaws, 1 band saw, 5 circular saws, lathe, mechanical engineering workroom and auxiliary power station in the sawmill.

The sawmill was nationalised after the Second World War and became the property of Státní statek Veselí nad Moravou. Since 1989 several owners have alternated here, the most important of which is Mr Smrček (Pila Smrček s.r.o.), who operated the sawmill from 2001 to 2015.

In November 2015, the sawmill was acquired by ESCO and renamed ESCO OAK SAWMILL, s.r.o.

The Czech manufacturer Esco CZ Production is a traditional family company that specialises in oak flooring. The company has been active on the market for many years, and the acquisition of its own sawmill was a logical step to supplement the production chain.   Esco increased the capacity to 20.000 m3 with 50 workers and the newest technology and machinery.

Thonet                                                1906- 1920

Magnis                                                1920- 1945

State Farm Veseli nad Moravou       1945- 1989

Many owners                                      1990-2001

Pila Smrcek                                         2001- 2015

Esco Oak Sawmill                               2015-


ESCO PODLAHY s.r.o. specializes in the sales of wooden floors in the Czech Republic. Quality and skilled team of employees provides complete service.

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